Winter Rules

(photograph courtesy of Richard Hannam)

Updated December 2021

If you ball is on the fairway, you must use a MAT to play off the fairway. The mat may have a tee, or tees, in it to hold it down, but your ball cannot be placed on a tee.

The only exception is that you can use your putter on the fairway after preferring your ball.

Anyone not using a mat on the fairway could have their playing privileges removed.

However if you do not wish to use a mat you can place your ball in the first cut of rough either side of the fairway, not nearer the hole and prefer your lie.

You may prefer your lie or use your mat in the regularly cut areas (semi rough), for example the areas between the 1st and 9th, or 9th & 10th. Also, treat the bare areas around the trees in these areas the same, prefer your lie or use a mat.

You may not prefer your lie in long rough, e.g. the area between the start of the 4th fairway and 5th green, or to the right of the 14th fairway, or in any penalty area (such as the ditch on the 12th). In these areas, you must play the ball as it lies.

Teeing Grounds and Temporary Greens are GUR. Bunkers are in play, so no relief, unless they are deemed GUR.

Members will be allowed to hire buggies while course conditions allow.