The club holds many competitions, in different formats, throughout the week.  Weekend competitions are usually Strokeplay (also known as Medal) Stableford and, occasionally, Bogey.  Booking for competitions is essential and you must always register for any competition before teeing off.

Some competitions are “Ladies”, and some are “Gents”, but the majority are open to all members with a valid handicap.

Types of regular competitions:

  • Strokeplay, you simply count the number of stokes (shots) it takes you to finish a hole.  If you don’t finish a hole, e.g. you lose your ball and decide not to play another one, your card is then a “no return”, and you cannot be placed in the competition.  However you should still submit your score in order to ensure that your handicap is as accurate as possible.
  • Stableford.  Points are scored for each hole depending on the number of strokes played on that hole, taking in to account your handicap. More information here:
  • Bogey.  The competition is played using your handicap on each hole.  If you make a nett birdie or better you win that hole and mark it with a +.  If you make a nett bogey or worse you lose the hole and marks it down with a -.  If you make a nett par this is marked with a 0.  At the end of the round add up your pluses, takes off your minuses and you have your score.

In Stableford and Bogey it doesn’t matter if you don’t score on one or more holes, you can still enter a valid card for competition purposes.

There are no “gimmes” in these competitions, you must hole out for a score on that hole to count.

If you are at all unsure about the scoring the simple answer is:

  • Make sure that you have entered the number of strokes taken for each hole that you have completed.
  • Make sure your card is signed (by yourself and your marker) and dated. 
  • Enter your score on HowDidIDo do, either via the computer in the clubhouse or the app on your phone, before leaving the club.
  • Place your signed scorecard in the box.
  • The computer will then work out your score for that competition.

If you enter a competition, you should always submit your card after the round, even if you have a no return in Strokeplay, as the World Handicap System will make an adjustment based on the card you submit.

If you repeatedly fail to submit cards for competitions you enter, that can lead to your handicap being suspended.

If you’re new to the game and would like to play a round with a member who can give you tips on the course or how to score the different formats, just email the office and they will arrange something for you.

Downloadable “Tips on Playing the Course”