Please adhere to your allotted tee-time. If you cannot commit to a time you have booked, please cancel your booking to free up the tee-time for others.   Teeing off early or late on busy days causes congestion and should be avoided at all times.

There are notices promoting “Ready Golf” by the 1st and 8th tees and by the putting green.   Please take time to read these and to do what you can to enable a reasonable pace of play.

Where there is any risk of a stray ball causing injury to others, you must shout ‘fore’ to warn others.  If in doubt – shout!

If there is any risk of your ball being out-of-bounds (OB) or lost, please play a provisional.  If your ball is lost and not easily found, signal the group behind to play through if they are waiting.  Remember, under the Rules of Golf, you now have only three minutes to search for a lost ball.

Leave buggies, trolleys, caddy carts and bags at the exit point of the green towards the next tee.  Please leave the marking of scorecards until you reach the next tee.

Please avoid the use of mobile telephones on the course unless essential, and always place your phone on silent when on the course.

Sharing of clubs, bags and trolleys is not allowed.

You can also speed up play by not always holing out in Stableford or Bogey competitions – if you cannot score, pick up.

Please be aware of your surroundings.  If your ball lands on the wrong fairway, players on that hole have priority. 

A number of tees are relatively close to greens on other holes.  Please respect others by being aware when other players are driving or putting out.

Good golfers always respect the course and other golfers.