Summer Open Series Rnd 1 – Monday 22nd April

1st B Hardon 34pts (£25.00), 2nd P Brookbanks 33pts (£15.00), 3rd D Robson 32pts*** (£10.00), 4th B Davies 32pts***, 5th M Soderquest 31pts***, 6th A Shelley 31pts***

Countback ****

Summer Open Series Rnd 2 – Monday 6th May

1st V Raine 42pts (£25.00), 2nd S Mitchell 40pts (£15.00), 3rd K Innes 39pts(£10.00), 4th D Urwin 38pts, 5th J Henderson 37pts, 6th S Smith 36pts***

Summer Open Series Rnd 3 – Monday 3rd June

1st P McComb 43pts (£25.00), 2nd C Pegden 35pts (£15.00), 3rd I Foster 31pts (£10.00), 4th P Goodfellow 30pts, 5th S Barron 28pts, 6th T Watson 27pts


Summer Open Series Rnd 4 – Monday 1st July

1st M Osgood 38pts (£25.00), 2nd P Herring 36pts (£15.00), 3rd F Holliday 35pts*** (£10.00), 4th S Stokoe 35pts***, 5th B Hardon 35pts***, 6th P Whitlock 34pts, 7th B Murray 34pts***

Summer Open Series Rnd 5 – Monday 5th August

1st G Powell 37pts (£25.00), 2nd G Caygill 36pts (£15.00), 3rd D Bryan 35pts***(£10.00), 4th P Lineham 35pts***, 5th P Leavey 34pts***, 6th P Whitlock 34pts***, 7th G Gardner 34pts***

The above players have qualified to play in the Summer Series Open Final on Monday 7th October

The 6th Round will be on Monday 2nd September 2019