Winter Open Series Rnd 1 – Monday 1st October

1st B Davies 39pts (£15.00), 2nd D Nicholson 34pts*** (£10.00), 3rd T Watson 34pts (£5.00), 4th G Caygill 32pts***, 5th T Cromar 32pts, 6th J Craggs 31pts

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Winter Open Series Rnd 2 – Monday 5th November

1st A Brown 40pts (£15.00), 2nd E Bennison 39pts (£10.00), 3rd B Davies 37pts (£5.00), 4th B Hardon 36pts, 5th P Longworth 34pts, 6th A M Reed 33pts***, 7th C Muwanga 33pts

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Winter Open Series Rnd 3 – Monday 3rd December

1st P Ewart 42pts*** (£15.00), 2nd B Davies 42pts***(£10.00), 3rd G Dodds 39pts (£5.00), 4th C Pegden 38pts, 5th C Murhpy 37pts***, 6th T Cromar 37pts***, 7th J Thompson 36pts***, 8th B Hardon 36pts***, 9th P Caisley 35pts***,D Common 35pts***

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Winter Open Series Rnd 4 – Monday 7th January

1st M Ainsley 44pts (£15.00), 2nd A Bussy 41pts (£10.00), 3rd B Hardon 38pts (£5.00), 4th C Murphy 37pts***, 5th J Craggs 37 pts***, 6th K Chipchase 37pts, 7th A Brown 36pts, 8th T Cromar 36pts, 9th R Snaith 36pts, 10th D Nicholson 35pts***

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Winter Open Series Rnd 5 – Monday 4th March

1st D Bryan 43pts (£15.00), 2nd B Hardon 39pts (£10.00), 3rd A Bussey  38pts***(£5.00), 4th K Chipchase 38pts, 5th J McConville 37pts***, 6th D Nicholson 37pts, 7th C Pegden 36pts, 8th J Craggs 35pts***, 9th S Sutherland 35pts***, 10th T Abercrombie 35pts***, 11th T Cromar 35pts***, 12th P Wears 35pts***, 13th N Sanderson 35pts***

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Winter Open Final Result – Monday 1st April

1st A Brown 38pts (£50.00), 2nd D Bryan 36pts (£30.00) 3rd R Snaith 33pts*** (£20.00)

Countback ***

All of the above named have qualified to play in the Winter Open Series Final which will played on Monday 1st April. Please telephone the Pro Shop to reserve your tee off time. If any of your friends wish to play on this day and have not qualified for the final they can still come along and have a game for only £6.00. Prudhoe Golf Club would like thank everybody who participated in this successful event and we hope to see you all for our Summer Series which the 1st round starting on Monday April 22nd April 2019