Winter Open Rnd 1 – Monday 28th October

1st M Ainsley 33pts*** (£15.00), 2nd P Caisley 33pts*** (£10.00), 3rd G Caygill 32pts (£5.00), 4th T Cromar 30pts, 5th G Dodds 29pts***, 6th J Thompson 29pts***

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Winter Open Rnd 2 – Monday 4th November

1st B Hardon 36pts (£15.00), 2nd C Murphy 35pts ***(£10.00), 3rd A Brown 35pts***(£5.00), 4th P Longworth 31pts, 5th C Muwanga 31pts, 6th C Pegden 30pts.

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Winter Open Rnd 3 – Monday 2nd December

1st C Pegden 38pts (£15.00), 2nd B Davies 35pts (£10.00), 3rd D Bowden 33pts (£5.00), 4th J Henderson 31pts***, 5th A Brown 31pts***, 6th M Coulthard 31pts***, 7th R Snaith 30pts***, 8th T Watson 30pts***

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Winter Open Rnd 4 – Monday 6th January 2020

1st R Snaith 37pts (£15.00), 2nd T Waston 36pts (£10.00), 3rd C Murphy 35pts (£5.00), 4th B Davies 34pts, 5th B Hardon 33pts,

Winter Open Rnd 5 – Monday 3rd February 2020

1st L Harrison 40pts (£15.00), 2nd R Snaith 37pts (£10.00), 3rd B Hardon 36pts (£5.00), 4th M Coulthard 35pts, 5th D Bowden 34pts,

The next round of the Winter Open is on Monday 2nd March 2020